Unhappy with gamejam version

After the game jam was completed, i was unhappy with the results of the ink fill routine.

I knew it had a few issues so set to task re-writing the ink fill routine.

Finally happy with the fill results now and always detects the end when the play area is filled.

Also, pondered how to speed up the game start when the pot fills up with a random colour.  The way around this was to create a random coloured array of which i can print a whole line in one go instead of each block individually.  This sped up no end, but does mean there is an extra pause when running the game due to the compilation of the random coloured array, but defo worth it.

My Lo-Score so far is 12!

Tidied up some code and renumbering of lines, and changed the grafx from bin to int data to shrink the used space.  Removed all redundant code.  Listing is a lot cleaner now.

So have re-published an alternate version labelled "after_compo" as didnt want to alter the compo version.

(dont think the itch.io stops you even when the jam is finished which is a shame)


InkFall-after_compo.z80 13 kB
Jun 16, 2017

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