devlog 1 - build and bugs.

Been watching this compo for a while and wanted to enter it but I am useless at ideas.  Saw another email saying it was ending in three days so thought i better pull my finger out.   Did a google search for simple game ideas and saw something like this so decided to go with this thinking it would be quick and simple to do.

Managed to complete the framework and game in Day 1.

Day 2, spend most of my time working out the fill routine, and adding a bit of spit and polish (sound etc) too.

I know there is a bug or two in the fill routine - not sure I will get it finalised before the end of the jam.  its hard and slow to replicate a pattern that i have noticed has not worked in the way intended when the fill is actioned.  Sometimes overruns where it should stop.  Also, sometimes doesnt detect end of level and you have to choose another fill just to complete it.

Wondering about adding some UDGs just to glamourise it a bit (rounded edges etc on ink pots).


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Jun 11, 2017

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